Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Enough Already

This summer I painted my entire place. Every last sodding square inch of it. And what an agony the choice of colours was. And now that it's done I've been spending far too much time basking in my achievement in an effort to avoid the next big project: the Big Slipcover Challenge. This is a challenge I have given myself: To slipcover my sofa and one wingchair as part of a learning process. Like so many other things I do, I will only do it once, then I will lose interest and start torturing myself with a new challenge. I could buy a new sofa and wingchair, I could have them professionally recovered... but oh no, it's like a low-simmering fever in my addled mind. I *have* to do this and I've been blethering on for far too long about it.

Watch this space. The paint swatches are gone. The fabric swatches are coming in. And I have till Christmas to get both pieces done.


Bill Stankus said...

By Christmas?
(Do you know any magic incantations?)

Betsy said...

I'm here looking at your label cloud! It looks centered to me...not sure what you mean by centered. I think yours is skinnier just because my margins are set wider.

As far as the color...click on 'Customize', then "edit html" and page down inside the template box to all of the label cloud codes. Find the line that says...

var maxColor = [160, 82, 45];

The line above is how mine looks. Those three numbers are the three colors I have for the label cloud. You will probably only have one code right now. You can pick any three you want and insert them inside the brackets. I'm guessing you will want them to coordinate with the other colors you have going on..just pick them from the page where you can change the background and font colors.

Hope that helps!

Blog Princess G said...

Bill: I need all the disbelief you can throw at me. Just makes me all the more - grrrrr - determined!

Betsy: Thank you so much! I'll check it out. :)