Thursday, October 22, 2009

Grateful for the Week that Was

Friday to Thursday was a memorable week and one for which I am grateful.

~ a 15-hour work day left me energized, which just goes to prove how much I love my work.

~ I attended a class given by a great and beautiful lady of the theatre who spoke inspiringly about joy, playfulness and collaboration in creativity, which spoke to me powerfully, and - no doubt - to many others in the room.

~ a two-and-a-half-hour train ride found me seated beside a man I didn't know. We talked about a gamut of subjects including friendship, death, finding "the one", and the pleasure of travelling solo and making new friends. Our conversation lasted well past the train ride as we kept each other company for a few more hours before saying goodbye, perhaps for ever.

~ I indulged in watching a photographer friend at his craft and pondered again the joy of creativity.

~ A dozen yellow roses arrived in my office.

~ This evening I took a long walk through the city, with Ella Fitzgerald and Bruce Springsteen keeping me company on my mp3 player, but only just loud enough not to be disconnected to everything around me.

~ I found a Guinness-infused Christmas pudding in the store. It's too small to serve on Christmas day, so I shall serve it one evening this fall, one cold evening when I am dining a deux.

~ Hugging an elderly lady of my acquaintance, I pondered how sweet and cosy she smelled and how there are lots of cuddles given, but not enough to the old ones in our lives.

~ As I walked beneath a canopy of trees full of turning leaves, the sun beat down and bathed all around me in a golden glow.

~ My bed was warm and welcoming.

~ Buying chocolate for friends, I also bought just one big, dark truffle to pop right in my mouth.

A good week indeed.


Bill Stankus said...

G, one of your top three blogs of all time.

Protege said...

I so enjoyed this! A week filled with moments that define, at least in parts, the joy of living.
I particularly enjoyed the recollection of your train ride and the conversation with a perfect stranger and the gift of yellow roses.

Betsy said...

Pleasure in the little things....perfect! Sigh.

Hilary said...

It sounds perfect indeed. Are you leaving us to connect the dots? I'd take a pencil to the spaces between the train conversation dot, the rose dot and the dinner a deux dot.

phil said...

Maybe I should move North.

Blog Princess G said...

Bill: Gosh, thanks!

Protege: I so agree that it is the individual golden moments that add up to make a life worth living. I think I'll start a blog invitation to partake in weekly gratitudes or something (I'm in pondering mode!).

Betsy: They're the best because, at the very least, we have more of the small than the big, don't we?

Hilary: Nothing so mysterious. All dots are quite unconnected in fact. The train ride was delightful but in no way of romantic promise. :)

Phil: You've got some built-in fans up here already! :)

Pearl said...

Pleasure in the little things. :-)


Ann Marie said...

what a lovely post indeed! strangers, friends, old friends, good music, walks, hugs, chocolate...what more could you want?
thanks for this. it was a good "bedtime" post for me to read.

Blasé said...

15 hour work day. HAVE MERCY!

Blog Princess G said...

Pearl: I'm trying to count all my blessings more often. :)

Ann Marie: Now that you've listed it like that, I really like it!

Blasé: But like I said, it felt okay! That was a rarely long day, thank goodness.

glamah16 said...

So good to see your back and well. It does sound like a beautiful week. Its those moments and small treasures that make life complete.

Bill S. said...

Amazing... When we look at the small blessings in our lives and are kind to others, life is good to us. Thanks for the inspiring post.

Blog Princess G said...

Coco: Lovely to see you here! Your blog leaves me gobsmacked... such good stuff! Thanks for the visit.

Bill S: Thanks for the visit Bill. I'll be over to check out your blog!