Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Mangia e Bevi!

The exhortation is one I am obeying, frequently, as this fabulous Italian hole-in-the-wall is a local of mine.

Recently Libras congregated to celebrate their birthdays (three of us all born within the same week of each other, the same year) and we did so here. Mmmmmmmm. Heavenly scents and tastes. Unpretentious and genuine, it gets my two pizza-stained thumbs up.

We were too excited with hunger for me to get pictures of everything... but you get the idea I think. And, note to self and you all out there: a salad and a pizza between two is PLENTY of food!
There were five of us and we did ourselves proud with a lot more than that.

This anchovy pizza was sublime.

Little semi-freddi:

We knew we had to have the tiramisu, but were so stuffed, we took this way out, which is my favourite way to eat dessert, it not being my favourite sort of food, believe it or not.

And yet, one more morsel, the bocca dolce, to indulge my inner child, because - as a child - that romantic couple kissing on the front of the Baci box, was the ultimate in glamour and romance.


Kismet said...

...perche domani noi moriamo.

willow said...

My inner child is now starving.

Blog Princess G said...

Kismet: You speak wisely!

Willow: Same here! Sigh...

glamah16 said...

I love an anchovy pizza. I wish people appreciated it more .

Blog Princess G said...

Coco: I'm so with you! Next time you visit Toronto, M&B is highly recommended for your list of places to try!