Wednesday, October 21, 2009


"and she put her face against my face,
put her muzzle, her nostrils, soft as violets,
against my mouth and my nose, and breathed me,
to see who I was,
a long quiet minute-minutes—
then she stamped feet and whisked tail
and danced deliciously into the grass away, and came back.
She was saying, so plainly, that I was good, or good enough."

From The Poet Goes to Indiana by Mary Oliver

The photograph is of a little horse I bought - and treasure - no more than 2" long. It was made by Duncan MacDonald, a Celtic stoneware sculptor from Scotland, now based in Ontario.


Christy said...

Love your site...need some of all of this site :) Come visit and say hello...

Protege said...

My kind of jewelry for sure; it carries a meaning, sense of history and holds a personal sentiment.;)

Betsy said...

So sweet...and perfectly paired with your quote!

willow said...

He's beautiful. And even more so, paired with the thoughts of Mary Oliver!

The Mary Oliver book I had in the tall, tall stack at the bookstore this week, didn't make the final cut. Next time.

Blog Princess G said...

Christy: I'll be sure to! Thanks for the lovely comment.

Protege: Absolutely, it's like a talisman for me.

Betsy: It brings to mind some old cave painting or something, but manages to be cute too. Hee hee!

Willow: Mary Oliver is a marvel. So glad you have more coming into your life. What a great bookstore you have there!