Wednesday, November 18, 2009


The slipcovering is done. I finished about an hour ago, and - as much as I have nitpicked on the errors in my work - I am weirdly exhilarated. Now I have to wait till I am home during actual daylight to get some decent pics... that will be this weekend. At work I've entered probably the four most intense weeks of the year, but it's always exciting. I just have to remember to keep some balance, especially as I so enjoy the run up to Christmas!

Thank you for your comments and encouragement!


Bill Stankus said...

Good for you! Besides, it's always good to have various skills, just in case.

Protege said...

Congratulations! There is nothing like the feeling of accomplishment.;)

Robin Gosnall said...

I have never attempted slipcovering, and now I think I never will.

Blog Princess G said...

Bill: Yes, especially if I ever get stranded on that desert island.

Zuzana: True, it's a rare, good feeling... hee hee!

Robin: I don't blame you! Life is too short. :)

phil said...

The sofa is moving. Dear Heavens! You slip covered right over Tibby!
Oh the humanity!

Blog Princess G said...

LOL... Oh Phil, it was Tibby's loving attentions to my sofa that gave me the final reason I needed to slipcover it. The ginger donut managed to scratch through to the wooden base in the arms! As he was only here temporarily (between my parents' house moves) he isn't around to destroy the new set up. I miss him, but get lots of visits in. :)