Saturday, November 14, 2009

The Fabric has Landed

It's a glorious sunny weekend here in Toronto, but I am about to hurl myself into the Big Slipcover Challenge. What I'd really like to be doing is walking a trail, hugging a few trees and hiding behind a few to watch some birds.

But I've thought about this too long and I have a Christmas deadline. Yards of sage-green ultra suede are covering my dining room table. The piping rope isn't strong enough to hang myself with, so all is good.

I'll be posting updates.


Bill Stankus said...

I'm considering getting a sailboat ... do you do sails? ;>)

Berowne said...

You're faced with the Big Slipcover Challenge; I just bought a new recliner on the internet.

Two huge -- I am talking large -- boxes arrived. I hadn't read the small print: there is "assembly required."

The instructions show how simple this is going to be -- no harder than putting together a new Ford Mustang in your living room.

Looks like I'll be sitting on straight-back chairs for a bit longer. :-)

willow said...

Fabulous color. Can't wait to see the finished product!!

Protege said...

A very good luck to you with your project; I love the mild, creamy seafoam green colour.

Hilary said...

Nice colour.. do you do window(treatment)s? ;)

Betsy said...

What a fun project! Love the fabric!

Blog Princess G said...

Bill: I don't, but I am available for boat christenings.

Berowne: You have GOT to be kidding! I can do IKEA shelves, but a RECLINER? Argh! I hope you'll keep us posted.

Willow and Protege: Yes, it's a sort of seafoam / sage. One of my favourites. Any shade of green is good for me.

Hilary: my little Singer machine has made a gazzilion curtains, but they're easier, somewhat two-dimensional.

Betsy: It's not been as much fun as I'd hoped, but I'm glad it's practically done. :)

Thanks for the good vibes everyone!