Sunday, November 8, 2009

Gerard Brender à Brandis

When you visit Stratford, Ontario, one of the must-see spots on your itinerary should be the studio of artist wood-engraver, Gerard Brender à Brandis. Gerard's cottage is also his studio and gallery. When you step across his threshold you enter a simpler world of enchantment and artistry that is a real balm to the senses. All the pictures below are of Gerard's place.

Gerard is a master wood engraver, a fine artist, a thoughtful and imaginative gardener and a kind and compassionate man with a soft spot for orchids, and for dogs that need good homes.

The hours that his studio are open are posted outside.

He has an original Albion press and makes much of his paper. He works on some larger runs of his books, but he also produces limited editions of the most exquisite creations, making the paper, printing the pages, spinning the fibres used to bind the book, etc. His books on botanical prints (one of which pays homage to all the plants mentioned in Shakespeare's works) make thoughtful gifts and memorable keepsakes.

To sit in his little studio parlour and peruse the catalogues of prints is a joy. I can never visit without making a highly affordable purchase of either a simple matted, or fully framed wood engraving.

Click here to see his work in closer detail!

I have several of Gerard's prints and I know there are more in my future. As I sit here typing, I look up and see his beautiful "Winter Poems" print, which is a scene of a simple writing desk with pen and paper and a view out of a window onto snow-laden evergreen boughs.



Protege said...

Beautiful, a place that holds so much inspiration.
It is amazing that he opens it to the public.
I can see Bruce is your true travel companion.;)

Rebecca said...

What a lovely studio he has! I have such a fascination with print making. The fact that he's a fellow dog lover scores major brownie points in my book:-)..

Wonderful post and images!

Oh, how did the egg experiment turn out? I'm staring at my kitchen broom, as it stands in the middle of my pantry floor. Strange...

...mmm... said...

that is a wonderful trip you took us on. Thank you. I really enjoyed the pics and learning more about this artist's work. What incredible engravings! Wow.

Blog Princess G said...

Rebecca: the egg didn't work... neither did the broom! :(