Sunday, November 1, 2009

Late Hallowe'eny sort of Post

Fans of Harry Potter: Stratford, Ontario has its own Whomping Willow. I make sure to walk to it each time I visit Stratford. It's so old and gnarled and impressive. And I'm sure it could do some whomping good damage if it was so inclined.

For scale, Bruce give you an idea of its size.


Bill Stankus said...

Great tree and I don't know a thing about Harry Potter.

Betsy said...

I had to search for Bruce! ha! That's one big tree...lovely! Did you hug it? ;)

Dr. M. said...

Bruce looks right at home.

Blog Princess G said...

Bill: I enjoyed the books tremendously. :)

Betsy: Actually, no... I'm always a bit intimidated by it! But I photograph it a *lot*.

Dr. M: Indeed, he loves trees as much as I do!