Saturday, November 7, 2009

Put the Guinness Away, I Need a Clear Mind for This

Ack! The sofa swatches have been rented. The exquisite agony of decision making is upon me. Weirdly enough as I was selecting them at the store, I realized they were - in colour and fabric - an almost perfect match for the shirt I was wearing.

I'm a predictable BPG in some ways and that's okay with me.


willow said...

Top left. :^)

Cowboy said...

I'll be damned....they are green. Hate to say this but I prefer the floral. Aaack! does that mean I have a feminine side?!

Blog Princess G said...

Willow: That seems to be the favourite so far!

Cowboy: Er, the floral is the carpet. :) I'm trying to find a solid, or a damask to work with the carpet. I should hope you have a feminine side, all the best cowboys do!