Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Top Ten Things I Have Learned Recently... Very Recently

10. Watching The Prisoner (2009) is not conducive to accurate fabric cutting.

9. Pins like to lay pointy side up in thick carpeting.

8. Ultra-suede, while washable and hardy and soft and lovely, is very "grippy"... and getting the slipcovers onto the pieces is like dressing a reluctant child, who happens to be the size and weight of a pro wrestler.

7. I am not a natural slip-coverer.

6. I am getting more impatient as the years go by.

5. Piping is best created with a proper piping foot (sewing terms... sigh).

4. I don't function at all well if things are not harmonious around me, and that includes the squalour into which I have descended the last few days.

3. I will be buying a replacement sofa sooner than later.

2. Drinking Guinness is not conducive to accurate sewing.


1. After all my pathetic whimpering, it doesn't look as bad as I thought it did!


Betsy said...

Don't know if this tip is too late for you, but if you put your piece in a plastic trash bag, the grippy fabric slipcover will slide on easier. When it's all in place, pull out the trash bag.

Someone else gave me this tip and it works great!

Protege said...

This made me laugh, I think you adequately described how I feel when I undertake a project.;)

Blog Princess G said...

Betsy: that tip sounds great. I was so pooped that - believe it or not - I couldn't quite figure out how to make it work. Not always the shiniest penny in the fountain! :)

Protege: I'm my own worst critic at the best of times, so when I'm out of my league I can become a bit overwrought, although I apparently hide that well for the most part. Sigh.

Audubon Ron said...

I'm sure it's great.

Blog Princess G said...

Ron: All those who've sat on it so far like it, especially the feel.