Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Table-top Tree

Each year I feel a tiny bit guilty for getting a real tree, but I know they're farmed, and - truly - the tree is my favourite part of the Christmas season.

This year, with rather a lot of people visiting, I decided, that instead of banishing the study wing chair to the bedroom, I would get a table-top sized tree, like the first Victorian Christmas trees, which were more modestly sized and always placed atop a table. First came the search for the tree stand. My regular tree stand is huge and would overflow the top of my study shelves. I couldn't find one anywhere that looked any good. And when at last I found one online, they didn't take online orders. I would simply have to fly to British Columbia. Sigh.

Today, on my way to continue shopping for baking supplies, I stopped by the place I actually buy my tree each year to ask them. Why didn't I go here to begin with? Because that's not how my mind works apparently. Yes, they had the exact table-top tree stand I had yearned for online. I bought it and thought I'd check out the trees in anticipation of the weekend's purchase. But, as it turned out, I spotted my tree instantly. And, creeped out by the idea that some rotter might snatch it up in the next couple of days, I bought it and carried it home, single-handedly. Literally... in one hand. Another benefit of the table-top tree.

The scent is amazing. I won't dress it too quickly. I love watching it there in its naked splendour.


Betsy said...

It's perfect! I kind of like it naked, too!

Bill Stankus said...

I have a few 150 ft. tall fir trees you can have. They make great post Christmas presents - firewood for lots of friends.

Audubon Ron said...

The Christmas tree started out as some crazy wild pagan German ritual and I get confused as to the whole origins and really don’t care because me and my Maker are at completely one with His need of me and like, a little ole pine tree has such rich smells and color and it makes us marvel so much more at the splendor of the many blessings we have in natural things, if you agree a blessing is the same thing as a joy, and aren’t trees so fun to look at? I love all creation and I love our way of taking a day in admiration of those things that give us joy. Many blessings to all those who are lovers of the Earth, and she speaks a various language. Doesn’t she? And our Maker has compelled to us to pause and admire hasn’t he?

Protege said...

The tree is beautiful! It reminds me of my first tree in Denmark, that came ready made with a stand.;) I also did carry it through half of the downtown.;)
I am looking forward seeing it all decorated.

WickedSky said...

Very Nice Tree..
Blessed Be

Blog Princess G said...

Betsy: I'm glad you see it too!

Bill: How wonderful! Do you hug them?

Ron: Yes and yes! I'm trying to spread the appreciation beyond the one day. Tree hugging is one way I do it.

Zuzana: My shoulders are feeling it today!

Wicked Sky: My tree and I thank you!