Thursday, December 17, 2009

Tree Ornament of the Day #10

I bought this little Russian doll years ago at the opera. What impressed me most was the detail on such a small ornament, especially in the face, which you can see better below. Does she look like an Anna Karenina? Or a Tatyana? Either way, she's ready for the snow, which is still holding off here.


willow said...

Ooo, she's my fave so far. You know I have a weakness for anything Russian! :^)

Protege said...

She is beautiful. Look at the details in her face, such exquisite features.
I hope snow will arrive for you soon.;) Our yesterday snowfall was magical. Todays snowfall is less appreciated as it caused traffic chaos. ;)

Betsy said...

Oh, she's beautiful! I love her little muff!

phil said...

No not Anna. She looks too cheerful to throw herself in front of a train.

Nice collection of ornaments you have, G.

Blog Princess G said...

Willow: I do know... and there's one more Russian to come!

Protege: Got your snow tires on? :)

Betsy: She's a dainty thing too, only four inches tall at most!

Phil: You speak wisely, O Phil. And thanks for stopping by along your travels. You're always a welcome presence here!