Friday, December 18, 2009

Tree Ornament of the Day #11

... another little Russian lady, who reminds me that - in between about four other books - I'm reading Vladimir Nabakov's memoirs still, "Speak, Memory", and his imagery is so powerful, and he speaks about a Russian way of life long gone.

This one looks a little more reserved than yesterday's lady. Could this one be Anna, Phil?


Bill Stankus said...

Cute ornaments.

BPG, I want to tell you I shut down my blog. You have been a blog friend since the get-go and I of all the bloggers I've met I really have enjoyed conversations with you.

You have my email address and anytime you want to etalk, please drop a note ... I'm not disappearing from the world, just the blogosphere.

Protege said...

I think she might appear more reserved as her clothes are of a darker colour.;)
I completely love her little outfit though, so elegant.;)

phil said...

Yep, she's got that look in her eyes like she's ready to springboard right off that limb. :)

@ Bill...good luck in your future endeavors.

Blog Princess G said...

Bill: I shall truly miss your intelligent and sometimes provocative blog, and I will be sure to stay in touch.

Zuzana and Phil: Yes, she's got a more melancholy air... Don't jump off the tree Anna!