Monday, December 7, 2009

Tree Ornament of the Day #1

I've been enjoying photographing the Christmas tree and its individual ornaments. This year I have a lot fewer out because my tree is so much smaller and I don't like to inundate it. I'm going to be posting one picture each day. This little mouse I bought at last year's One of a Kind Show in Toronto. He's hand-painted by a charming (I think Russian) lady.


Protege said...

I love this theme; I am looking forward to see the ornaments and the story behind each and every one.;) The mouse is truly cute.;)

As for the COP15 summit, I am hoping it will be a success. But it is difficult when many countries are not taking the meeting seriously and it might flop quiet badly. I am proud that Danes took this initiative even though their image has been criticized and their true intentions undermined.

willow said...

What? You don't like to pile on everything in a dizzying frenzy? I do. Mostly to cover the ugly artificial tree!

I love handpainted anything, especially Russian. He's adorable.

Blog Princess G said...

Protege: We can hope... fingers crossed that we can still turn things around.

Willow: Your tree looks pretty gorgeous to me!

Blog Princess G said...
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