Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Tree Ornament of the Day #9

This ornament is one of my very favourites. It's the most delicious rosy pink and the string that it is suspended on is finished with a silky tassel. It's quite light for a ball of its size, with a sort of William Morris pattern, which is appropriate because I bought it at the souvenir shop at the Delaware Art Museum. This excellent gallery has the largest collection of Pre-Raphaelite art in North America and it was that brotherhood of artists with whom Morris was closely associated. I'll be returning next year, and will visit again its very attractive shop.


Protege said...

When I saw the picture I thought to myself, that this one is the most beautiful ornament I have ever seen. Then I read it is one of your favorites. I have to say I completely understand that. ;)

Blog Princess G said...

The pink works well with the green... I love all greens and most pinks!