Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Food Film Fiction on Hiatus

All is well in the realm of Blog Princess G... but this blog will be on hiatus for the next little while...

I will be around to visit my favourite blogs whenever I can.

28.87%... and Counting

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Song of the Day

Lullabye (Goodnight my Angel)
(Music and words by Billy Joel)

Watch below, or, for a much better version, click here and make sure you watch the high-quality version (just to the bottom right of the screen).

Good night my angel, time to close your eyes
And save these questions for another day
I think I know what you've been asking me
I think you know what I've been trying to say

I promised I would never leave you
And you should always know
Where ever you may go
No matter where you are
I never will be far away

Good night my angel, now it's time to sleep
And still so many things I want to say
Remember all the songs you sang for me
When we went sailing on an emerald bay

And like a boat out on the ocean
I'm rocking you to sleep
The water's dark and deep
Inside this ancient heart
You'll always be a part of me

Do do do do...

Goodnight my angel, now it's time to dream
And dream how wonderful your life will be
Someday your child may cry and if you sing this lullaby
Then in your heart there will always be a part of me

Someday we'll all be gone
But lullabies go on and on
They never die that's how you and I will be.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

At Lunch with Bruce the Bat

This blog's favourite bat does get out and about and here he is at lunch with his friend, Dr. M. at our local Distillery District.

First, steak, stout and stilton pie at the Mill Street Brew Pub. Yum. Accompanied of course by Mill Street's own Cobblestone Stout.

We traditionally forgo dessert and stumble across the cobblestones to Soma Chocolatier, which is not unheard of on this blog. AND... they finally have a groovy new website.

And... here it is: dessert. A cup of warm Mayan hot chocolate, the "Drink of the Gods."

Is it any wonder I didn't weigh in last week?

Quote of the Day

"Soli d’inverno e cosa da morire… Ci lasceremo alla stagion dei fior…"

"To be alone in winter is death… we’ll part when the flowers bloom once more…” (from La Bohème, words by Illica and Giacosa, music by Puccini)

In the Busyness... a Comfort Food /Sound Moment

Here is my favourite dessert, Nigella Lawson's Chocolate Cherry Trifle - last seen in my homely old glass bowl - and making its first appearance in the new trifle bowl.

The bowl has just been washed up, and the chicken is roasting, releasing its heavenly scents.

In the background, I'm listening to Galaxie Nature, one of CBC's digital stations on my tv. Now, the point of this particular channel is to fill your living room with the sounds of nature, so you can imagine how I pounced on that. Ocean sounds, rain, waterfalls, birds, the works. The only problem is, it often intersperses or incorporates "gentle instrumentals" which are usually really bad. I mute the channel at that point. But for the most time, it provides the most heavenly and deeply relaxing sounds... and I can imagine I'm in the forest or by a lake, or walking a trail, or laying by the ocean, always in nature and basically where I want to be right now. It's a good feeling.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Ha Ha! Take THAT Acute viral rhinopharyngitis!!!

Not wanting a repetition of last year's The Worst Cold I've Ever Had, when the symptoms descended on me Friday night, I took action. Yesterday was hell. Today, I'm 95% better! And so, for your queasy reading pleasure, I present to you:

Top Ten Things I Did to Show That Cold Who's Boss

10. Inhaled a Vicks steam bath.
9. Quadrupled my daily doseage of vitamin C.
8. Continued taking my usual daily supplements.
7. Used a netipot to give my sinuses a saline rinse... a pretty glamorous process!
6. Cooked and consumed organic chicken soup.
5. Practiced yogic breathing.
4. Slept and slept till I thought I would go mad with sleep boredom, then forced myself to sleep some more.
3. Took aspirin.
2. On several occasions I placed two droplets of oil of oregano at the back of my tongue swiftly washed down with water to minimize gagging potential. Damn, that's foul stuff. This is the first time I've tried it, on the recommendation of three friends. Readers, it helped!
1. Took several nips of scotch. Ahhhhhh.