Sunday, January 31, 2010

A Few Montreal Pictures

A park across from my friend's home.

Old Montreal, whose cobbled streets are lined by fine old buildings, mostly doing tacky tourist business.

"Les chuchoteuses" ("The Gossipers"), a sculpture by Rose-Aimée Bélanger on rue Saint-Paul.

The Museum of Fine Art.


A tree laden with twinkly lights, and a half moon over Mont-Royal.

On a bitterly cold night...

Great food.

The rabbit/prune pâté and saucisson made a delicious picnic lunch.

The ubiquitous bagels. Slightly sweet, and Heaven with smoked salmon and cream cheese.

Lunch at Olive et Gourmando:


The man didn't think I could handle the 75% cocao content hot choc, which, as he said, tasted much darker. I got it, to go. Delicious. Heh heh.


Hilary said...

SIgh.. thanks for bringing me home for a few minutes. I miss my city and I'd kill for one of those Montreal bagels! St. Viateur?

Protege said...

It looks very European.;) Glad that Bruce came along.;)
Lovely photographs.

willow said...

Beautiful shots, BPG. My fave is that heavenly bagel pic. Sigh.

Blog Princess G said...

Hilary: I think they're available at the St. Lawrence market, I mean brought in as opposed to baked on the premises, although there are some there that are made there... you know, I'll check and find out. And yes, St. Viateur. Num num! I didn't know you were from Montreal. Your home town is a wonderful place.

Protege: It's always party time when Bruce is around.

Willow: Mmmm... As a carboholic, I was in heaven. :)

phil said...

beautiful photos, G.

Montreal: A Movable Feast.

Who knew? :)

Blog Princess G said...

Phil: Thank you. :)