Monday, January 4, 2010

Happy Birthday Rupert!

66 years ago, during WWII, my grandmother made a teddy bear each for my father and my uncle. My father's Rupert is still with him today.

Ruper has lost his button eyes a couple of times, all of his fur, and some of his stitched nose. As you can see by some shaky stitching, his head almost completely came off once.

We undressed him Christmas Day for his new outfit, purchased in Chinatown by my mother. Mark fortified him with some Prosecco.

And here he is, in his chair, on my parents' mantel, before the portrait of Count Basie. Rupert in all his silken splendour. He certainly deserves it and I think he carries it off quite well.

Oh... and it's my dad's birthday too!


Protege said...

Happy birthday to Rupert and your dad!
What a very precious teddy bear.;)
I never had a toy that stayed with me, but my sister has. And from all accounts, so will my nephew and niece; they each have a toy that has been mended zillions times and without which they can not sleep nor exist;)

Berowne said...

The story of your grandmother making -- hand made -- a teddy bear for the kids during WWII was quite moving.

willow said...

Aww, that is one loved and cared for little teddy. Happiest Birthday to your dad, BPG!!

Betsy said...

Awww....he is just so cute, I had to laugh out loud! He's almost been 'loved to death' as we say for well worn toys. :)

MidLifeMama said...

He is indeed a dapper fellow.

glamah16 said...

So cool you still have this. Happy New Year.

Blog Princess G said...

My dad, Rupert, and I all thank you for your visits and comments!