Sunday, January 24, 2010

I bet the Costumes are Gorgeous

The BBC has produced a 6-part mini-series, The Desperate Romantics (2009), which tells the story of the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood as depicted in the book, The Private Lives of the Pre-Raphaelites by Fanny Moyle, who also co-produced the series. I haven't heard great things about this, apparently it's best if you approach it with a light-hearted mind. Uh oh. Anyway, I'll check it out. It's starting tonight at 9pm on BBC Canada.

//UPDATE: Pretty boring, but I'll watch if I have nothing better to do.


Protege said...

Oh, I have heard about this one. I stumbled upon it once when searching the net. I wonder if they are showing it here.;)
How was your trip?;)

Blog Princess G said...

The series doesn't look like much, but I'll probably keep watching (already missed episode two though).