Sunday, January 10, 2010

Last of the Christmas Ornaments

As I packed away the Christmas decorations this weekend I realized there was one little grouping of ornaments, particularly treasured, that I didn't feature on my blog.

When I was in Philadelphia a few years ago, we visited Christ Church, a most beautiful building which is mostly white inside, with plain glass in the sizeable windows. This is purposeful, so that the beauty of nature could be seen from inside. There is one large tree outside the main window, and - as a tree hugger - I can't think of a more beautiful and inspiring sight for the worshippers to behold. On the sunny day we were visiting it was quite breathtaking. In the delightful gift shop, I found a trio of small, beautifully made church choir mice, made in England, and a small china dove on a string. They came home with me, and each Christmas the mice sit under my small wired Christmas tree beside the dining-room table. The dove is suspended from the top.


Audubon Ron said...

I'm too sick to comment, but will give it shot. The mices are cute.

Blog Princess G said...

Ron: I hope you're a good patient! Take care mister!