Friday, January 8, 2010

Okay, okay...

It's time to get a grip. Or rather it's time to loosen a grip on the Colston Bassett stilton, the baklavas the Armenians left on Christmas day, the Mary Macleod shortbread, the offerings from Soma, and then the Christmas feast the Armenians gave us last night. I think I'll be digesting till June... or tomorrow morning anyway. Then it's really time to tackle the one project I didn't complete last year (weight related, sigh). And to blog more regularly. I miss it. I miss you!


Protege said...

I so understand what you mean. I am trying to get back on track as well, but it is not easy.;)
The picture is gorgeous though.
Have a great Saturday dear friend,

Blog Princess G said...

I have enough chocolate to last me till June, if I eke it out in a sensible manner.