Sunday, January 31, 2010

Three Train Pictures

It a belief of mine that you meet the most interesting people when travelling alone, especially by train. This time it was a very well-spoken chemical engineering student who plays jazz sax and speaks Russian. He took Bruce in his stride too. Train travellers rule!

I'm using this next photograph as part of an art project.

Dawn from the train.


Hilary said...

Great photos BPG. I love snapping shots through the train window.. though lately it's only been the GO train. :)

Betsy said...

Who wouldn't love Bruce? He the perfect travel companion! ;)

I want to take a train ride!

Protege said...

I love trains and I too enjoy to travel by rail and the way the beautiful landscape passes by.
Your pictures are very interesting.

Blog Princess G said...

Hilary: Speed is fun to shoot isn't it? I love taking the GO too. I take it west of the city and get off and snap pics sometimes.

Betsy: He fits in small spaces and doesn't complain, so I'd have to concur. :)

Zuzana: Thank you! :)