Thursday, February 11, 2010

Grateful for the Week That Was

Each time I approach a blog post about gratitude I decide I haven't got much to say. And I decide this in quite a sulky mood; how's that for ungrateful? Then I take a few minutes to sit and ponder. And of course the ideas start to flow. These posts do the job to snap me out of my selfish worries and cast an aura of blessing over my present state of affairs.

~ My appetite is shrinking. The hope is that the rest of me will follow.

~ Catsitting duties take me to Tibby's home each day. There I enjoy his purr, more like the revving of an outboard motor, as he lovingly makes puddings on my lap, smiling sweetly as his nails dig in to my thighs. Saturday he's getting a manicure.

~ I was told that there is a certain laugh I have, that happens at certain times, that is very sexy. Damn, I wish I knew which it was so I could recreate it at will. Hee hee! (No, that's definitely not it).

~ "Too much happiness" is the report from San Miguel de Allende, where my folks and friends are spending two months, as they do each year.

~ It was mid-week before I remembered that next Monday is a statutory holiday in Ontario. A day off is very treasured right now and the anticipation is delicious.

~ I remembered the joy of Bill Bryson; reading his "Lost Continent" about travels in small-town America, I lay in bed and laughed out loud... a lot. And no, it wasn't the sexy laugh.

~ A photograph I took is hanging in a local art show. I'm very excited to see it tomorrow evening.

~ A surfeit of creative pleasure, as I watched a talented photographer friend take shots of a talented musician friend. They both did what they do so well.

~ Semi-freddi followed by Baci. Yum yum!


Hilary said...

Sounds like a great week indeed. I'm looking forward to Family Day on Monday, too. My sister, three cuzzies and I will be meeting in Hamilton for the third year. I like this new holiday. :)

Protege said...

What a great post!;) I know what you mean about feeling gratitude and then having not much to feel. I often then imagine how awful it would be had I not had my house and Batcat, had I not been loved (even though from very, very FAAAAAAAAAAAAR distance) and eventually just being overall healthy and pain free. Being able to get up each morning an being *hopeful*, being alive.
The one about your sexy laugh made me smile, I so know what you mean.;) But perhaps your laugh is sexy just because you are not aware of it.;))
Have a lovely Friday,

Blog Princess G said...

Hilary: Didn't it feel good? Great idea.

Zuzana: It reminds me to feel it, and to count my blessings. :)