Friday, February 26, 2010

Grateful for the Week That was

Friday night is here at last, and it feels so good. Snow finally hit Toronto, and we have about six inches of it visible. Much of it quickly turned to slush.

I'm having a most delicious evening, not alone: indeed I have kept most wonderful company with a great anise-seed marinaded pork chop, some chardonnay, twinkly lights, vanilla-scented candles, and Bruce the Bat.

Tonight I'm grateful for:

~ Crying as the Canadian women's hockey team took the Olympic gold medal. Crying over Joannie Rochette and her bronze medal win after the hardest week of her life. Crying over the Tim Horton's commercial where the African-Canadian gentleman welcomes his family to Canada at the airport. Yes, just crying over the Olympics and its associated features and commercials in general.

~ The sale of one photograph from the camera show. Just one, but its new owner was so enthusiastic, she made my entire month!

~ A month-long bout of long work hours is coming to an end tomorrow night, and I am making plans with friends I haven't seen in a while and getting excited at the prospect.

~ The blessing of feeling love (slightly overtakes feeling loved in my book, but best when shared mutually).

~ Being of use to a friend who is very far away, but in need of a familiar voice.

~ Bruised shins from the affectionate headbutting of a certain ginger tabby.

~ Not missing chocolate! Can you believe it? I can't!


Hilary said...

That Timmy's commercial gets me too! lol. And of course all of the other Olympics' tender tales. Here's the Tim's commercial for those non-Canucks.

A big congrats on the sale of your photo. Nice!

Protege said...

Lovely sentiments.
Enjoy your weekend,

Blog Princess G said...

Hilary: My kleenex box is empty!

Protege: Nothing like a good cry. :)