Saturday, February 20, 2010

Love Me, Love my Blog

I'm not putting as much energy into my blog as I was a couple of years ago, but it still goes some way in representing me and my activities. So it's with some curiosity that I have witnessed the following: Two gentlemen, one I was getting to know several months ago, one I am getting to know now, professed a particular interest in me. It was not many meetings in with both situations that I mentioned my blog in passing. Both took a first look. One - this was several months ago, and that connection is long over - looked at it once, but was uninterested in it, while professing powerful feelings for me. The other, just recently, has taken a decided interest in it.

I don't see how, if I was becoming attached to someone, that I could overlook something like a blog as I felt that desire to know them grow. I don't bare my soul on here, but my blog covers most of my interests, and the tone I use to create my posts surely says something about me.

Obviously Man #1 is no more. Man #2 has endeared himself to me for many reasons, not the least of which is his interest in my little blog.

For someone women it's cats, or their children, or their predilection for motorcycle parts. For me, it's love me, love my blog.


Betsy said...

Well, how very exciting!

I completely agree that someone should be very interested in a really is a reflection of the total person even if they don't bare their soul as you say!

Besides, your blog is wonderful...and so are some man must be finding out! ;)

Bill Stankus said...

You need to explain in some detail the nature and meaning of motorcycle parts ...

Protege said...

Hurray for the second gentleman.
Loved this post. Loved the feeling of honesty in it. And I agree with your last sentence.
Have a lovely weekend,

Hilarywho said...

For sure. I even get a little miffed at friends who don't look at my blog. I understand they might not want to read it every day, or even every week, but I'd think they'd want to check in at least every now and then.

I also don't understand my friends who DO visit the blog but NEVER comment.

I guess they just don't get it.

Hilary said...

Oh I get that for sure. I know few people in my life who blog (personal, not business) and I can't imagine not reading what they have to say. Yet few people in my world care to read mine.

Mary said...

He sounds like a possible keeper! My DH doesn't blog however reads my every post, (so I couldn't badmouth him even if I wanted to!), and often visits blogs of people who leave me comments, such as yourself, as he's inquisitive and loves to know where people hail from.

I also get a bit miffed when family and non-blogger friends don't bother to look at my blog which I try hard to keep current.....and then wonder what I've been up to.....duh!!!!

Audubon Ron said...

Dear Abby:

I have a blog friend who posted that she was giving up chocolate for lent. I wrote her back on Ash Wednesday and told her I made fresh brownies and I have ice cream. I read her blog without fail, although I don’t always comment. I haven’t heard from her in a while and now learn she is madly in love with guy #2 and that’s fine, I’m married. But, we had a nice blog thing going and now I feel left out of the loop and my brownies have gotten stale.

What should I do? (And don’t tell me throw out the brownies, I already did that).

R.A.D. Stainforth said...

By reading your blog, I can imagine what it might be like to spend some time in your company.

This is the mark of a great blog.

Blog Princess G said...

Betsy: What a lovely compliment! Thank you. xox

Bill: Well, I was just reaching for an example that might be the antithesis of scrapbooking.

Protege: Well, I love *your* blog!

Hilarywho: At least *we* get it... heh heh.

Hilary: I have no idea why. Your blog is irresistible.

Mary: They don't know what they're missing!

Dear Ron: Eat some brownies so your blog friend BPG can enjoy them vicariously. And I have it on good authority that she's a big fan of *your* blog. Abby

Dr. Stainforth: Thank you! And it's great to see you in the blog world again.

Josie Ray said...

No one in my "real" world knows about my blog. And I certainly would never reveal it to a man in whom I was casually interested. No, it's just my dream-world and for cyber-friends. Besides, men do tend to come and go, but blogs last forever. I wouldn't want any man-of-the-past still lurking and reading my blog, and when you look deeply into the eyes of a man-of-the-present, you have to remember that he has a 99.5% chance of becoming a man-of-the-past. :-) Just an alternate (slightly cynical :-) opinion...

Blog Princess G said...

Josie Ray: Only the really special ones get invitations to my blog. And all of those remain very dear to me whatever happens. You'll learn if you keep reading my blog that I'm truly a hopeless romantic and a big ole softy at heart. I like what you say about blogs and how you approach it. Blogs are forever, maybe even more than diamonds.