Saturday, February 20, 2010

Recent Pantry Finds

Red fig jam! A fine-looking jar and a wonderful fruity interior, not too sweet, and wonderful on scones. I am thinking it might come into play with the buttercream filling between the cake layers for the next big cake project.

My tin of Fry's cocoa (below right) was nearly gone. My local supermarket was out of Fry's and foolishly I bought a tin of their brand name version. Luckily it went unused. Then, on a more recent pre-Lenten trip to Soma, I found their Dutched cocoa powder (centre) which I quickly swooped up. A friend and I did a sniff test. We were astounded at the difference. The Compliments brand had almost no odour to speak of. In comparison, Fry's was heady and deep. But after a sniff of the Soma, the Fry's seemed quite bland. Soma has done it again. I cannot wait to make a batch of truffles and roll them in this wonderful powder. For mass baking it will still be Fry's. The Soma cocoa was pretty pricey.

Of course there will be pictures of those truffles. And of course, this will be after Lent. Maybe I'll make them for Easter sunday.


Mary said...

Oh yes please, pretty please! Tell me what you suggest to stop sneezing and sniffling. Meanwhile I'm crawling back under the duvet with hot milk and brandy - does that sound right???

Nice blog - I'll read more. I love figs and anything French so know this jam must be fabulous.

Thanks for stopping by.

Blog Princess G said...

It all sounds good to me Mary! I hope you get relief soon. :)

Ann Marie said...

this would indeed be wonderful on scones! it's making me hungry just looking at it here.

Josie Ray said...

Goodness, where does one sign up to receive cake-sample-of-the-week? That sounds delicious!

On my humbler scale, I discovered Dundee Orange Marmalade this winter...and all other scone toppings have flown. For now. The flavor is enhanced, I confess, by imagining how many of my favorite Scottish and English authors have shared this indulgence.

Blog Princess G said...

Ann Marie: My mouth waters each time I think about it. :)

Josie Ray: I love good marmalade! I've never done any jam making but I'm thinking this summer I'll have to rectify that.