Saturday, February 27, 2010

A Recent Walk through my 'Hood

Late afternoon in St. James' Cathedral Gardens.

Cute, and, of course, as they stalk you, slightly creepy.

On the way home, St. Lawrence Hall all lit up.

Big, orange bears in the sculpture garden. (Bear Hunt, by Dean Drever)

And home at last. I was not dressed for winter. It felt wonderful to get warm and dry.


Betsy said...

What a lovely walk!

Funny about the squirrels stalking you! I have 3 that like to sit in the bird feeder and munch away. :)

Protege said...

What a beautiful walk! One can sense the feel of a city within the pictures. The orange bears were a surprise, but the squirrel is cute.;)
By the way, I love your new header.;)
Have a lovely Sunday,

Audubon Ron said...

Nice hood.

Blog Princess G said...

Your comments are much appreciated. :)

The Clever Pup said...

I like how you manage to make Toronto look like Vienna - it must be the snow.