Monday, February 8, 2010

A Single Man

I'm eating a dark chocolate Godiva pearl. And thinking of movies.

I was complimented today on my movie memory. But that's it, as I pointed out; I only really remember things about subjects I'm passionate about. Everything else... meh.

You probably remember Nicholas Hoult: he was Marcus, the endearingly quirky adolescent in 2002's About a Boy, in which he shows up on Hugh Grant's doorstep and refuses to be cast aside. (About Hugh Grant, I don't know about you, but I much prefer him in slightly caddish roles; he's just more interesting in them). About a Boy also featured my secret girlfriend, Rachel Weisz.

Anyway, Hoult has grown into his eyebrows and lost the puppy fact. Chris Weitz, who co-wrote About a Boy (based on Nick Hornby's novel), produced A Single Man, in which Hoult plays a plays a mohair-sweater-wearing beautiful youth who turns up on Colin Firth's doorstep and refuses to be cast aside. Well this I understand, as Colin Firth is one of my favourite secret boyfriends.

In A Single Man Nicholas Hoult does a great American accent, as does Matthew Goode (who was compelling and strange in last year's Watchmen.) Going the other way, Julianne Moore did a surprisingly bad English accent, but she was wonderful - as usual - in every other respect.

And yes, that is Jon Hamm, uncredited, as the voice of Hank Ackerley on the telephone. And yes, that's Tom Ford, Mr. Fashion, as director and financier of the film, which was based on a novel by Christopher Isherwood.

Colin Firth gave a magnificent performance. For me, in second place, is his house. That was built in 1949, was designed by John Lautner and resides just a short distance from Los Angeles. It's stunning, compact, and worth the price of admission alone. An architectural tour of California is on my to-do list.

A Single Man might be on your to-do list. Ooh, saucy pun. Nice.


Hilarywho said...

A Single Man is one of those movies that's stayed with me. I saw it a couple of weeks ago and liked it a lot. I was blown away by Colin Firth's performance. Especially the scene where he's told of the accident on the phone. Wow. And yes, that house is really something.

Protege said...

Ok, I am SO watching this movie although I never heard of it.
But you got me very quickly convinced it is marvelous, as all your secret boyfriends (and girlfriend) are mine too.;)

Berowne said...

>>Anyway, Hoult has grown into his eyebrows and lost the puppy fact. <<

I know, I know; it's a typo. But I like it the way it is. There are quite a few of us who never quite lost the puppy fact of our lives. {-)

Hilarywho said...

A Single Man is one of the best movies I've seen recently. What a great performance by your secret boyfriend. And yes, the house was really something, too. The period details in this film were a treat.

Audubon Ron said...

A single man is not at all what one would think they are. You have to marry them to get the full Monte.

Blog Princess G said...

Hilary: I agree with you! That phone call scene was very powerful.

Zuzana: What excellent taste we share! :)

Berowne: I like my typo. Some of us keep our puppy fat too.

Ron: I dunno... I've had the full Monty with single men. Heh heh.