Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Baking Before Blogging

Below this cheery daffodil, that has opened up with his friends on my dining room table, lay two of the three cake layers I baked tonight. One more tomorrow, each measuring 16" x 16", and then they'll be filled and layered tomorrow evening. Friday morning Laura will arrive early (we've both taken vacation days from work) and we'll work on our willow leaves and stems. Nearly there.


Betsy said...

I love the smell of just-baked cake layers. Mmmmm.

My daffodils have bloomed! I need to bring some inside, too!

Protege said...

Lovely picture - it is so beautiful in contrast to your dark background here.
I am excited to see the finish cake.;)

PS: My verification word today:



R.A.D. Stainforth said...

Daffodils are so damn ... yellow.

Blog Princess G said...

Betsy: Mine are blooming in a store-bought pot, but they do cheer up things, especially as things have got very cold here again.

Protege: Crazy word verification. I might turn it off again, see if the spamming has stopped.

Dr. S: Yes... yes they are.