Monday, March 15, 2010

Damn, I Love Them!

I tried Mandora tangerines this week, but was disappointed at their bitterness. So I returned to my Mineola oranges and have been consuming them two at a time, like a scurvy-ridden sailor.

And, fellow bloggers, I'm wondering if you're having the same problems I have had with Blogger. I'm getting so frustrated with it. The search engine on my blog doesn't work and comment counts for older blog posts are showing zero. I think it's all falling apart. I'm investigating Wordpress and for now will do a big back up of this blog. I'd hate to lose all my posts. Any thoughts?


Hilarywho said...

Yikes. I do find Blogger to be pretty clunky, but I'm happy here and hate to think of moving. I wonder how many Bloggerites would be willing to pay a small fee in order to have this site work better? I would.

Why is Wordpress better?

Blog Princess G said...

I would too. Not sure about Wordpress but I've heard some positive comments about it here and there. grrrr... it gets more frustrating each day and I love blogging!