Monday, March 22, 2010

Fenugreek, Chickpeas and Lamb - oh My!

Saturday evening saw the end of our wonderfully spring-like weather. I was esconced with a friend at Jam Cafe, currently my favourite restaurant, eating their organic chicken, with a mustard/lavender sauce, the taste and scent of which is heavenly. And to start? Well, when I called to reserve, I was asked by the charming owner/chef Av Avtikian how I was. I replied "I'm fine, except for a severe lack of fritto misto." And so I had that too, and it was deelish as always.

The chicken:

My favourite ceiling:

And now that the weather is all icky and cold and wet, I am retiring early tonight with my newest cookbook.

I have no idea what fenugreek is. But apparently I need to purchase some pronto. I'm sure the St. Lawrence Market will come through for me. I'll pick the ubiquitous lamb and chickpeas at the same time.


Betsy said...

Yum! What a beautiful spot to eat! :)

We have that same damp, cold depressing after a taste of spring.

willow said...

Mmm, it does look dee-LISH! There's a restaurant with that same ceiling in my neck of the woods. I always thought it would be fun to have one like it!

Hilary said...

It all sounds so exotic. And it seems like it's essential to add the "oh my" to any title listing three items. I did the same this last time. :)

Blog Princess G said...

When you're all in town, we'll go to Jam Cafe!

The Clever Pup said...

I'll have to check out Jam Cafe, but I'm a West End girl.