Saturday, March 20, 2010

A few Pics of Inspector Tibblesworth

Tibby's (and my) parents have been in Mexico for two months. Knowing they're missing their huge ginger tabby, I thought a few pictures of the old moggy would please them. I took these some while back, while Tibby lay in my mum's arms, which he loves to do every evening.

The top of Tibby's head, which I could kiss for hours. You can see his nose on the left of the picture:

Tibby, the big baby, with my mum:

This photograph makes my dad laugh each time he sees it:


Audubon Ron said...

He looks like a buddy and pal. Since the Little Woman and I have separate suites, b/c she snores, or do I snore, one of us snores, actually it makes for optimum companionship, my male cat Cole, a Russian Blue, sleeps on top of me, our female cat, Dixie Rose, sleeps on the Little Woman.

Hilary said...

Aww what a cutie. Cats' heads truly are so kissable, aren't they? And worth the mouth full of fur that sometimes happens in the process.

Blog Princess G said...

Ron: What great names for cats! Do they appear on your blog?

Hilary: Totally! I learned quickly not to kiss Tibby if there was even a vestige of lipstick on my mouth. Bleah!

Betsy said...

LOL! Love that lasts one! haha

Blog Princess G said...

Betsy, he's provided so much love and laughs over the years. :)