Sunday, March 28, 2010

One Earth Hour and The Long Day Closes

After the cake event of Saturday afternoon, I had a dinner party to attend. And I had offered to make dessert! After all the baking and decorating I needed to make the simplest thing, and so I decided to make a key lime pie. But I wasn't impressed by the layer of dust on top of my graham cracker box. So what to do? Well, I'm a big fan of Betsy's baking and one recipe of hers that I love is her chewy ginger cookies. But when I made them, I had mistimed things and ended up going on a longish trip, leaving most of them uneaten and coming back to somewhat stale cookies. Not wanting to waste them, I ground them up and froze them in freezer bags. On Saturday morning I used some instead of graham crackers to make the pie shell. I added some lemon juice to the lime juice just for laughs, and the pie turned out great! The hint of ginger was a great addition to the flavour, and - of course - it was served with a large dollop of whipped cream. I can't wait to try Betsy's ground up ginger cookies as a base for a cheese cake!

On to dinner: What I love about my friend's stylish condo is that it seems out of a movie, with a step down living room. Wasn't that feature in just about every Hollywood apartment? He sets a great table too, and the evening was filled with lively conversation and wonderful food. We noted Earth Hour and ate by candlelight only.

Today I cleaned. Oh, the cleaning. The kitchen alone took all morning. But now the whole place is back to normal, the cake decorating supplies are put away and I sat down at last with a cup of peppermint tea and pondered the next two weeks, which promise to be a bit slower than the last few.

And I will at last have time to catch up on my favourite blogs.


Hilary said...

You're such a creative person. I would never have had the foresight to grind and freeze stale cookies for a potential recipe down the road.. much less think of them as a substitute for graham cracker crumbs. Then again, I don't bake. ;) Anyway, I'm impressed. :)

Betsy said...

You are so clever! I will certainly remember this..and I agree it would be yummy as a crust for cheesecake!

There's that adorable mug again!

Audubon Ron said...

Had a kitchen misstep also this Sunday. As a “makeup” breakfast I attempted to put together an eggs Benedict thingie I have successfully made in the past, but the pouched eggs caused all sorts of havoc. Forgot the vinegar and used a large shallow pan and water wasn’t hot enough. By the time I corrected that the English Muffin and ham turned into a cracker in the oven but the sauce was okay.

LadyCat said...

What a great idea! Many recipes are born from experiments like yours. Your friend sets a beautiful dinner table. Candlelight always make everything look so elegant. What is Earth hour? I've never heard of it.
BTW, I really like your "robin" mug. Perfect for spring : )

Blog Princess G said...

Hilary: Food seems a permanent obsession of mine... sigh.

Betsy: Yep, it's my favourite! Hee hee!

Ron: Wow... I feel your pain!

Lady Cat: I'll be over to your blog to give you the link to Earth Hour.