Saturday, April 10, 2010

Country Auctions

I was most satisfied some time back when I attended a country auction, the real deal. I bought a large set of softly coloured glass cordial glasses, and they serve nicely as champagne flutes. The locals were very friendly to us townies. It turned out that a local lady had passed away at a great age, with no heirs. All her estate was being sold off, and most of the local folk were there to buy a small remembrance of her. It was all sweetly done. I was very amused the next day, as we drove through small local villages, that as we visited the local antique shops, the same items I had seen at the auction were now laid out, at four times the price. I am very much enjoying that lady's cordial glasses and think of her each time we toast out of them.

Country auctions: I recommend!


Audubon Ron said...

Here, country auctions have everything to do with large animals.

Those glasses are neat. Wouldn't last here long, too delicate. Every cup, glass or plate we own has a chip in it.

That's okay, my first wife was that way too.

Blog Princess G said...

No chips here, replied Anal-retentive BPG. But there are no large animals either.

glamah16 said...

What beautiful glasses. Thanks for visiting. You are the 2nd person that told me that. Odd. I'm glad you are continuing to blog after your break a while back.

Blog Princess G said...

Glamah: Same here... and loving your blog again.