Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Lake of Shining Waters

"From the marsh at the head of the pond came the clear, mournfully sweet chorus of the frogs. There was a little grey house peering around an apple orchard on a slope beyond, and, although it was not yet quite dark, a light was shining from one of its windows.

"That's Barry's pond," said Matthew.

"Oh, I don't like that name, either. I shall call it - let me see - the Lake of Shining Waters. Yes, that is the right name for it."

From Anne of Green Gables by L.M. Montgomery. I read the first two books in the series when I was nine years old. The BBC had just shown its Anne series, with Kim Braden as Anne and Barbara Hamilton as Marilla. We were just about to emigrate to Canada and so I watched and read with avid interest. The books remain favourites of mine today, telling as they do the moving story of the red-haired orphan who finds a family of her own with the spinsterish brother-sister team of Matthew and Marilla on Prince Edward Island. When I visited PEI a few years back I was disappointed at the crassness of Anne tourism, but no matter - I still have the books.


Zuzana said...

Love the new "summer" look.;)
You were my sisters age when you emigrated; I mean she was that age when we emigrated to Sweden. They say that anything before ten is fine, you can still adapt and get assimilated by your new home. I wonder if you feel that is correct?
I have never read these books but I love the photograph.

Blog Princess G said...

Zuzana, I was 10 when I emigrated and it was very hard for me. I didn't want to leave England. But you adapt and so we did. But probably I was the most reluctant in the family to do so. It took literally years to accept the fact. Thank you for your comment and question. I know you love the summer as I do! :)