Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Pink Things

Here's a happy find: pomegranate juice, and not from concentrate! It's like a vitamin B shot. I dilute it, four parts water, one part pom. Yum yum.

When I was a baby, my aunt and uncle bought me this painted wooden egg cup. I still use it for my eggy brekkies.

Lemon and raspberry water is keeping my water intake up. Plus, it's so pretty!


Betsy said...

Oooh...yes, I would probably drink more water with those pretty pink liquids around!

Hilary said...

Well you're sure in the pink. What do you do to make raspberry water, yet keep it so clear?

(and how did the zinc work out for you?)

Protege said...

Beautiful pink! Lovely pictures as well.;) That egg cup is so cute. And I posted about an almost pink sunrise today.;)

willow said...

That little wooden egg cup is adorable! I like that you still enjoy it after all these years. Well, not that there are so many years...hee. :^)

Blog Princess G said...

Sounds like all my blog friend are in the pink.

Hilary: I'm not sure how it stayed clear... it just did. I didn't try the zinc, it just suddenly cleared up on its own.