Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Early Summer Evening Ritual

On the roof, from which all I see is a complete canopy of blue sky, a gin and tonic, and the delightful diaries of Noel Coward. Only he can name drop so shamelessly and so charmingly. And he sums up the little truisms of life very well. I give you:

Tuesday, December 28, 1954
Johnny [Gielgud] is a charming house guest, amusing, talkative and most considerate. He leaves on Saturday.

And on Princess Margaret's decision not to marry Peter Townsend:

Thursday, November 3, 1955
At least she hasn't betrayed her position and her responsibilities, but that is arid comfort for her with half the world religiously exulting and the other half pouring out a spate of treacly sentimentality. I hope she will not take to religion in a big way and become a frustrated maiden princess. I also hope that they had the sense to hop into bed a couple of times at least, but this I doubt.


phil said...

Coward's in two fav films, The Italian Job, and In Which We Serve.

Have you seen them, G?

Betsy said...

I bought pecans. You've made me hungry for my own cookies. ;)

Blog Princess G said...

I sure have Phil! Different decades, different tones, both fabulous films!

Betsy: Hee hee!