Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Possibly my favourite flowers of all are white fresias. The peppery scent is like catnip to me, up there with balsam.

At the St. Lawrence Market this week there were no bunches of white, but these wonderful multi-coloured bundles.

I brought some home.

Happy sigh.


willow said...

Gorgeous. I think I can smell that heavenly scent from here! (Love that fresh newly covered sofa in the background, too.)

Betsy said...

I love how you captured them just opening up! Lovely.

The Clever Pup said...

Peppery indeed. Freesia's are my favourite flower. Their scent makes my toes curl.

Zuzana said...

Beautiful... Love all the colours. A lovely addition to your home in image and scent.

Blog Princess G said...

I thought I'd responded to all these comments ages ago. I'm sure I did... or did I just dream that? Either way, thanks for the visits and comments!