Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Catching Up: Eating in, Sort of

There's not been much cooking at home. Just tons of salad.

Oh, and keeping cool with my own freezer pops. I make these by combining plain yoghurt with bananas and, in photograph one, mango:

In photograph two, I mix in raspberries. They cool me off and are very tasty. I can't get enough and all healthy!

I did make a batch of Nigella's triple chocolate brownies for a work celebration:

Summer fruit once more has me in its limpet grip. Then I broke my favourite plate, shown below. Sigh. Fans of Borat will find the next cheese most amusing. It's so delicious - a Quebecois specialty.

And, excuse me, what's with all the snootiness around white wine spritzers? This blogger loves them early in the summer before she hits the hard stuff.

I wish I had some of that cheese right now, dagnabit.

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