Thursday, July 22, 2010

Catching Up: Food!

When it's too hot to cook in, I eat out. At home it was salads and more salads all June and July. So, with new and old friends visiting, there was ample opportunity to visit my favourite spots and eat richly.

Mangia e Bevi... the Bresaola salad is so indulgently rich and generous:

The Tirolese pizza, with spek.

My friend insisted I have the spek "rose" in the middle. Wasn't that sweet? It's like the whole last rolo thing.

Bacetti, filled with different flavours of ice cream. We got two of each for an accurate tasting. Here it was limoncello, hazelnut and vanilla.

To my favourite pub, Mill Street Brew Pub, with Chicago based food-blogger extraordinaire, the lovely Courtney, amazingly proficient local food blog king Peter, and Courtney's lovely friend and colleague, Irene.

My local pizza place is Carpe Diem. This guy knows his stuff. This is a slice of the "tonno" brought back to work to eat in my office. Carbolicious.

Petite Thuet has just opened up a branch in my 'hood. It's not cheap and the service is friendly but very languid. However the food is delicious. Here are my friend's fluffy pancakes.

Hot House Cafe, site of many family-friendly dinners over the years. The portions are ginormous, sometimes uncomfortably so (one day I'll learn to ask for a doggy bag) and the food is consistent. The location is priceless. They do a very good trade!

I've been in mussel mode recently.

The jambalaya that never ended, or so it seemed.


Peter M said...

Darlin' Gianna, thank you for the shout and for introducing me to the Mill Street Brewery and food.

Looking forward to more food fun!

Hilarywho said...

This post made me hungry! It all looks great - lucky you. Love the photos of the baskets on your header, too.

Blog Princess G said...

Peter: Always! Don't we live in a great food town?

Hilarywho: Come on over and visit! :)