Monday, July 26, 2010

Not as Smart as I Look

My new favourite kitchen object? A fish poacher which came to my rescue five weeks ago.

Any idiot can be a fool, and five weeks ago tonight I was such a one. I was searing a pork tenderloin and managed to give myself a bad second-degree burn on a good-sized patch of my inner lower arm.

I yelped like never before in my life and immediately thrust my arm under running cold water. After a call to TeleHealth Ontario, I was advised I'd be in pain for days and should have plenty of Tylenol on hand.

For the next two hours I watched The Purple Rose of Cairo (1985) to distract myself, dipping my arm occasionally into my mother's fish poacher, filled with ice and water. At the end of the two hours, there was no pain, and the pain never came back. Of course then my arm got really messy, with blisters and the works.

No, I didn't see my doctor. I took great pride in doctoring myself and it's healing well, and I don't think there'll be much of a mark in time.

Of course I took a bunch of pictures of my arm, but I don't want to gross you all out. Instead, here is the fish poacher - the perfect length and shape for one arm plus one hand.


Betsy said...

LOL! I love multi-purpose kitchenware! :) I could have used that last year when trying to find something for Taylor to soak his foot in! :) Glad your burn is getting better!

Blog Princess G said...

Thanks, it is. The mark will be there a while, but I don't mind it - it's sort of like a badge of courage.