Friday, July 30, 2010

A Taste of Honey

Friends of mine keep bees on the top deck of their downtown Victorian home. After dinner at Jam Cafe we returned to their home and there was a frame dripping onto a baking sheet in their kitchen. I think honeybees are about the most magical creatures around. Their handywork is breathtaking.

I was invited to take a spoon and scrape off a lump of honeycomb.

I did and let the honey melt off the wax and into my mouth. It was nectar. I could have swallowed the wax, which was tasteless (not like Bernie Botts beans!) and a bit plasticky, but after I had got all the honey out, I just removed the pellet of wax from my mouth and that was that.

The honey was mesmerizing to watch as it slowly dripped down the comb. I left with a big jar. Lucky girl.


Hilarywho said...

Lucky indeed! I love the taste of honey and can't imagine it fresh from the hive. What a treat.

phil said...

So THAT'S what happened to our bees.
They crossed the border.
You woulda thought security woulda noticed the odd black and yellow striped uniforms.

Blog Princess G said...

Hilarywho: It was a special moment for me - I won't forget it.

Phil: We're not letting them leave us now. :)