Monday, August 9, 2010

Cue the Venetian Blinds

One day of no humidity was a delicious treat, but now we are back to thick, heavy, smoggy days with terrible air quality and not a break in the heat in sight. I don't enjoy August for the most part.

Sunday evenings are the one night of the week I have to watch television, and now not just for one, but two, reasons. First we have the start of season four of the excellent Mad Men on AMC. It continues to be the stylish, brilliantly written creation we have all come to expect.

I've also started watching Rubicon which is another original series that has just begun, and it runs for the hour just before Mad Men. It's about a discreet spy agency in New York that seeks to discover what the bad guys might be planning, while potentially being infilatrated by other bad guys. Think along the lines of Three Days of the Condor and Enigma. So far Rubicon is intriguing and moody, with many shots featuring shadows of venetian blinds falling across the tortured and intelligently handsome visage of our hero, James Badge Dale. It also stars Miranda Richardson, always worth the price of admission. I'm a bit confused already in regards to a few plot points, but that's typical for me. I'll figure it out with a little help from my friends.

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justin said...

Hi there ~ Mad Men is one of our favourites here in the UK. I can't remember which series we've just watched. Please will you let me know what happens in the first episode? If it's a new series on the way, then I'll say: "Yippee!"
(My email address is at the bottom of my blogsite, if you don't wish to comment here).