Sunday, August 15, 2010

Honey and Chocolate, Part Deux

My beautiful big jar of raw honey was slightly crystallized. So I softened it in a panful of hot water. Googling the problem, to ensure I was remembering the solution correctly, turned up a wit:

Q: How do I soften old honey?
A: I buy her bottles of skin lotion regularly.


IonnKorr said...

Fine Blog. Greetings from Greece!

Hilarywho said...

I'm not of fan of the computer shorthand, LOL - but that's what I did!

Suza said...


Betsy said...

You're killing me with the honey and chocolate teasers!

Zuzana said...

Hello dear G, I am back from my travels and had a great laugh reading this.;)
Being called old honey though isn't all that bad. Although I thought the softening would go better with flowers and some chocolate.;)
Hope you have been well,

SuE said...

Nice blog! I'll be delighted if you visit back mine.


phil said...

Arrrrrr you winch!

Too much honey 'n chocolate be anchoring me down t' Da'y Jones locker. Aye!

Blog Princess G said...

Thank you all! It's good to be back!