Friday, August 6, 2010


Favourite flask, with a William Morris pattern on it ("Daisy"). Thanks M!

Apple/sage sausage panino. The sausage came from the butcher in Norwood, Ontario. I used some apple jelly too, just a thin smear. Deelish.

Sweet Ontario yellow plums.

I love picnics for the tin plates... makes me feel I'm on safari or something. I found these palm tree ones years ago. The stainless steel tumblers were brought back from India for me from a friend.


Angie Muresan said...

Oh yum! Are those mirabelle plums?

Blog Princess G said...

I'm not sure Angie! I just know they're Ontario plums. I'll check them more closely next time I'm shopping.

Zuzana said...

Wonderful setting, I love picnics. I wonder why does food always taste so good when enjoyed outdoors.;)

Blog Princess G said...

I agree - and I love cooking outside too!

Betsy said...

I've coveting that flask! Well, the plates, too...and tumblers....and sandwich! LOL!

Blog Princess G said...

Betsy, aren't picnics great? Eating outdoors? Eating?