Saturday, February 5, 2011

Niagara Escarpment: Mount Nemo

Mount Nemo Conservation Area west of Toronto doesn't possess long trails, but what they have is very rugged, and not for those with weak ankles. A high look out is the main feature of this landscape, which is full of deep crevaces and trees growing out of, and over, fairly inhospitable rocks. It's very good for a day trip, especially when combined with other local conservation areas in the same part of the province, and that's what we did one fall day last year.

Crazy tree:

Some of the scenery belongs in a Harry Potter movie:

Green, purple and white is one of my favourite colour combinations.

So soft.

Heaven... so many trees.

Silver birches and blue sky.

And a curve in the road, always beckoning the walker on.

We indulged in some cloud and tree appreciating.

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