Monday, February 7, 2011

Red Leaves

As I continue sifting through unblogged photographs from last fall, I am gobsmacked by how much I love to be in nature, and how much effort I take to be in it, while in the city. I`ll be moving out of it ... one day!

The red leaves below aren`t the stunners you see on the sugar maples, but their deep, dark red had me in its thrall. I took these pictures while waiting for the Riverdale Farmers Market to set up.


Betsy said...


gobsmacked...i love that word!

Blog Princess G said...

It brings to mind one of your colour-themed blog posts. I love those.

R.A.D. Stainforth said...

Night-Time in Mid-Fall by Thomas Hardy

It is a storm-strid night, winds footing swift
through the blind profound;
I know the happenings from their sound;
Leaves totter down still green, and spin and drift;
The tree-trunks rock to their roots, which wrench and lift
The loam where they run onward underground.
The streams are muddy and swollen; eels migrate to a new abode;
Even cross, 'tis said, the turnpike-road;
(Men's feet have felt their crawl, home-coming late):
The westward fronts of the towers are saturate,
Church-timbers crack, and witches ride abroad.

My favourite poem by Mr. Hardy. It inspired my very loud piece for 11 solo strings ... storm-strid night ....

You have an excellent camera and an excellent eye, Princess.

phil said...

Many books on my shelf have red leaves flattened in them.

Yes, I still collect them. 8^)

Beautiful photos, G.

Blog Princess G said...

Dr. S: Wonderful! THank you, and thanks Mr. H.

Phil: I do too, Phil. :) And thanks.

Zuzana said...

Maples surely produce the most stunning foliage display in autumn. Lovely images, hope all is well in your part of the world.;)
Wishing you a nice weekend.

Blog Princess G said...

All is plodding along this side of the ocean... sending hugs and love to you on yours!