Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Cueing the Curtain

I believe that one sign of true progress for our species will be when we - safely and of sound mind - can choose to die of our own choosing. A wise person said that we do not ask to be born (actually a lot of grumpy teenagers say that too), but that we do have a choice of when we die. I'm not talking about suicide brought on by mental illness, disturbance or depresssion. It's a fine line of definition, but I'm referring instead to a gentler end to those who are in pain/suffering and who do not have a way out. It seems to me that there have been great strides in understanding how to keep ourselves healthier longer. But, as another wise person said, we've also made the dying process one that is unnecessarily prolonged. My thoughts on this are still movable. And I understand for many that God would not approve of such a thing. No God of mine could condone the suffering of someone who has come to the end of a well-lived life, only to face days, weeks, months, maybe years of agony. I couldn't want that for anyone I love, or anyone at all for that matter. I'd rather die younger than suffer too much when old. I hope I get to choose. Feel free to weigh in.


R.A.D. Stainforth said...

Hi Blog Princess G. The Doctor here.

Like you, I hope that one day "assisted suicide" will become more commonplace and an acceptable, dignified option for people. The laws in Switzerland are a start but they do not go far enough. I think we have to include long-term clinical depression in the definition of terminal illness.

Well over half of suicides are committed by people suffering from depression. People, including me, who have suffered from and battled depression for an excessive amount of time, should eventually be able to have a dignified way to go and not have to continue suffering.

I gather that this won't ever happen, as it is simply something too difficult to control and monitor, and could create a real slippery slope.

Blog Princess G said...

Dear, dear Dr. S. I think assisted suicide will always be a supremely tricky subject. Controlling it is of course the huge question. I fear that death, let alone assisted suicide, is a topic few want to discuss. I go along with Woody Allen's opinion of death: it's not that I'm afraid of it, I just don't want to be there when it happens. I guess I'd like a sense of some control, if my life became unbearable.

Your Friend, BPG

R.A.D. Stainforth said...

Princess, if life is unbearable, there's not much else left is there?

I tried suicide and fucked it up; that gave me a slightly better perspective on staying alive.

1. There is no God.
2. Life ain't a fucking rehearsal.

Blog Princess G said...

Dear RAD, I'm glad you failed in your attempt. Stay well.

(((((((((( RAD )))))))))))