Thursday, March 10, 2011

Enough Already

There are parts of the world, not too far from here, where it's spring, with bulbs bursting forth. In Toronto winter has been long and tiresome and now we're in the grip of horrible bout of freezing rain/snow, which means that walking is treacherous, rain is horizontal and I'm fed up.

There had to be warm food tonight, or I might have run amok. And there it was. The chicken was exotic and tender (I marinate and freeze lots of batches ahead of time for such ghastly nights), baby bok choi was plentiful, all atop some fragrant rice. I'm happy now.


Betsy said...

I hate horizontal rain! And it always comes on my shopping day! ha.

That meal looks wonderful. I love your idea of freezing the marinated chicken. Must try that!

Blog Princess G said...

Betsy, it's such a great time saver... and I figure I may as well marinade a whole bunch of it as opposed to just a bit.