Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Tea and Tulips

I indulged most of the winter and all of the spring with cut flowers and forced bulbs. There's not a year in my memory where the spring was so late. The first time I walked on grass this year was about a week ago and it was strange and heavenly. Evidently it's time I got out of the city, but there'll be plenty of that in about a month. I reconnected with the benefits and deliciousness of rooiboss tea and and peachy pink tulips.


Betsy said...

We haven't had spring yet either! We had cold rain for the entire season and not it's hot and humid like the end of summer! I want some days with the warm breezes flowing through the windows! Geesh!

The tulips are lovely!

Zuzana said...

Beautiful images.;)
Only a week ago you walked on grass - wow, that is certainly a late spring.
Here the whole April was warm and gorgeous, and despite May being cold, the nature has had a summer display for almost two months. Thus here it feels like spring was very short and summer started already ages ago and not yesterday.;)
Hope all is well,